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 Short Corner Tackle Because after the bite is not the time to question your tackle 
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 Short Corner Tackle


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Rod and Reel Services


Complete service and repair for all major brands of offshore fishing reels, including Accurate, Ambassador-Abu, Avet, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Newell, Okuma, Penn, Pro Gear, and Shimano reels.


  -Drag upgrades and modifications


 -Roller guide repair and replacement




Short Corner Tackle


Located in Surfside Marina, Texas, Short Corner Tackle is a complete offshore tackle shop.  We specialize in bluewater fishing tackle and gear, including tackle for trolling, swordfishing (daytime and night), deep-dropping, jigging, popping, and grouper/snapper fishing.  We are also the exclusive dealer of Savage Rods, and have a good selection of Savage in stock.  


Short Corner is an Accurate Authorized Service Center, serving the entire central U.S.  





*Please contact us ahead of time if you are planning to pick up or drop off in person. Pick up and Drop off is also available through the Surfside Marina main office. 


We are a family business and we fish. We are happy to accomodate appointment times that fit your schedule given some notice. 



Come by, stop in or give us a call!






Owned by Capt. Troy Day, a professional captain based in Surfside, we pride ourselves in quick, tournament quality service customized to your needs.


Our difference: We fish with everything we sell! We only carry a select group of manufacturers, as we believe that they offer superior products, and have fished with everything we sell. Troy fishes 40-50 days a year, which allows him to test new, prospective products before offering them. Only the best survive.




Short Corner Tackle


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 Custom Spooling Needs


Spooling services using tested and proven brands of Spectra, Mono, and Dacron.


Custom Wind-ons & Topshots

We carry a wide variety of wind-on leaders, made in shop.  We can also make custom leaders and topshots, and make the proper connections on your reel.




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