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 Short Corner Tackle


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Rod and Reel Services


Complete service and repair for all major brands of offshore fishing reels, including Accurate, Ambassador-Abu, Avet, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, Newell, Okuma, Penn, Pro Gear, and Shimano reels.


  -Drag upgrades and modifications


 -Roller guide repair and replacement




Short Corner Tackle

Call us:  979-480-2223 


Located in Surfside Marina, Texas, Short Corner Tackle is a complete offshore tackle shop.  We specialize in bluewater fishing tackle and gear, including tackle for trolling, swordfishing (daytime and night), deep-dropping, jigging, popping, and grouper/snapper fishing.  We are also the exclusive dealer of Savage Rods, and have a good selection of Savage in stock.  


Short Corner is now an Accurate Authorized Service Center, serving the entire central U.S.  




Ono Loco Tournament Info:


Tournament Overview






Tuesday through Saturday 9:30am-6:00pm


Sunday & Monday - CLOSED (or by appointment)


Come by, stop in or give us a call!


Owned by Capt. Troy Day, a professional captain based in Surfside, we pride ourselves in quick, tournament quality service customized to your needs.


Our difference: We fish with everything we sell! We only carry a select group of manufacturers, as we believe that they offer superior products, and have fished with everything we sell. Troy fishes 40-50 days a year, which allows him to test new, prospective products before offering them. Only the best survive.




Short Corner Tackle


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 Custom Spooling Needs


Spooling services using tested and proven brands of Spectra, Mono, and Dacron.


Custom Wind-ons & Topshots

We carry a wide variety of wind-on leaders, made in shop.  We can also make custom leaders and topshots, and make the proper connections on your reel.




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